A night for Colorado Conservatives! (Hopefully a good one!)

Tonight is a big night for Conservatives in Colorado! The Caucus for The Republican Party is being held tonight and I have been asked to assist with The Caucus in my precinct this evening. I will let you all know how the evening went for me on Thursday! God Bless! (GO VOTE COLORADO CONSERVATIVES!)



Janeane Garofalo’s attack on Conservatism

Janeane Garofalo: Her statements are no laughing matter

Actress/Comedian Janeane Garofalo is probably more famous for her liberal comments then stand up comedy! Like many other liberals, she is attempting to demonize The Tea Party and Conservatism with a passion! She has made far-fetched statements that The Tea Party is full of “White supremacists” and “Racist Rednecks” as well as saying that The Conservative Brain misfires! (In other words: Conservatives are retarded.) She has also made statements about radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh and other high-profile true Conservatives. She claims that they suffer from self loathing and self hate! Funny, I could say the same about you Janeane! The idea of a Black man such as Herman Cain or a women like Sarah Palin being a Conservative is incomprehensible to her. So what’s her answer to the growth of minority and female Conservatives? Her answer is simple: they were bought off or forced into submission by the oppressive white, male Conservatives! Yes, you did read that right!

What interests me about this woman is that according to her Wikipedia page, she is from a Conservative family! Yes, a Conservative family! How does someone who was raised by Conservatives end up to be a leftist?

I don’t know where she went sour! I do know that before she calls my fellow Conservatives and I bigots, she needs to take a good look in the mirror! Janeane, you are obviously “Stuck on Stupid”

Watch: Female reporter talks of lawlessness after spending one night in Zuccotti Park | National News – Exclusive Station for the Broncos, Buffs & Rockies

Watch: Female reporter talks of lawlessness after spending one night in Zuccotti Park | National News – Exclusive Station for the Broncos, Buffs & Rockies.

My phone call with Michael Brown

Michael D. Brown is a fellow Conservative talk show host who broadcasts his show on Newsradio 850 KOA. I recently became a regular listener of his after my mother met him at the Apple store where she works retail. He went in to fix his iPad and my mother told him about my own show. I had heard him somewhere before. My mother told me about meeting him and said he took interest in me and my show. I emailed him explaining who I was and what I was about as a Conservative commentator.

Mike replied back to my email the same night. I was surprised and yet thrilled at the same time. He and I email back and forth. We are in the process of setting up a time to meet soon.

Last night, I was listening to his show and decided to call in after he began talking about an email he had received from a hater involving public schools. As a high school student myself, I found this topic fascinating and Called in to weigh in on the subject!

You can hear my conversation with Mike in the first hour of his show! I come on air at the 15 mark of hour 1. I suggest that you listen to the podcast from the beginning to establish the content of my conversation with Mike!

Sam Whitfield on The Michael Brown Show: 8/25/11@ 7PM

Hopefully I will be writing a post soon about my meeting with Michael Brown!